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Screaming internally…

Das ma forehead ahahahahahahah

i will be flying to Montreal in July


also keeping my fingers crossed for a show over here on the west coast

You’re depressed, sad, lonely?

Have you tried this medication called music?

If you ever feel sad, just put on “Deadlines & Commitments” and listen to Brandon Flowers sing
‘I’ll catch you darling, ill be waiting, I am on your side’
I guarantee you, your spirits will be lifted.


do you think i just have 600$ laying around just to fly and see yall!!!!!!??

DO YA???

fuck you guys and your amazing music


Olive Garden is about to see some serious shit!


The best gif in the internet xD



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This was an important moment

Sometimes i just feel like ordering several dozen Battle Born Albums and giving each one out to every person in my family and just random people

and even leave them as tips

I call it, an investment

mdnghtshow asked: nice!! i really wish i meet him or get to see either the killers or just brandon live again :-)

you definitely will! Just never stop trying!

Let’s all hope Brandon’s new album and solo tour is around the corner :)

Also Big Talk !!


well i wasn’t in  a good place for the last 2 months

but im happy to say I’m 1,000x better

i just got hired as a server at Red Robin (Hell yea, burgers)

school’s going great, and well I’m doing much  MUUUUCH better.

Happy to be back happy :)

mdnghtshow asked: OMG i cant believe you have a photo with brandon!! congratz im so happy for you!! was he nice? where was it?

thank you!!!!! He is just sweet and i mean to say the least he took a good time to talk to fans and a few photos. It was right before the Jimmy Kimmel show back in October.


My sister’s thoughts on How I Met Your Mother’s latest episode.

Anonymous asked: I'm seriously so jealous of that picture with you and Brandon! What did he feel and smell like!?!?! What did he say?!?!

When you’re in a moment like that, you don’t have a sense of smell

All I could think of that moment was holy mother of a fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Its unreal afterwards